Can I purchase Bushmills directly from you?

Yes, you can purchase Bushmills products from shop.bushmills.com , shipping to the UK and Ireland. We do not offer shipping to other countires at this time. If you have any queries please contact [email protected]

Of course, the usual rules apply so you have to be 18 years or older to place and order.

Not based in the UK or Ireland? Here are a few of our fine friends who ship worldwide and will only be too happy to accommodate you:

Can I buy BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey by the cask?

Our casks need specialist care and attention to ensure the bottled BUSHMILLS you enjoy is of a consistent high quality, so we prefer to keep them here, at the Old BUSHMILLS Distillery.

Can I order personalised labels?

Of course. We have an option at the distillery to get personalised labels made for our BUSHMILLS 12 Year old single malt distillery reserve. It really makes a lovely gift and costs £45.00, with personalised labels (excluding postage and packaging). Because of the special nature of this service it’s only available at the Old BUSHMILLS Distillery.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the distillery, the Distillery Shop can ship to the UK and Ireland.

Can I order BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey in bulk?

Unfortunately we don’t offer bulk sales.

Is BUSHMILLS gluten free?

All BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskies are gluten free. The distillation process removes the gluten from the cereal.

Is BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey suitable for vegans / vegetarians?

With the exception of our BUSHMILLS Irish Honey which includes real Irish honey in its recipe, all our whiskies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are made from barley (and other cereal grains for our blended whiskies: BUSHMILLS and BLACK BUSH), water and yeast. They are distilled and then matured in oak casks, which only previously contained spirit (typically, whiskey) or fortified wine (typically, sherry). No animal product is used in their production. There is no isinglass in BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey products.

How many calories does a serving of BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey have?

A 25ml serving of BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey has 56 kcal.

What grain is in BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey?

It depends. We make two broad types of whiskey at BUSHMILLS:

  • Our BUSHMILLS malt whiskies, which are made from 100% malted barley
  • Our blended Irish Whiskies (BUSHMILLS and BLACK BUSH), which are made from blending our malt whiskey with a lighter type of whiskey, called grain whiskey. Grain whiskey is made from a small proportion of malted barley and other grains. The most commonly used grains for this whiskey in Ireland are wheat and maize/corn. Rye is not a grain commonly used in Ireland (or Scotland) for whiskey production.

The type of grain used in whisk(e)y production bears a significant influence on the taste and character of the resulting product.

Here at BUSHMILLS, we insist on our malted barley. At the heart of all our whiskies (malts and blends) there is triple-distilled whiskey made from 100% malted barley. This is a very distinct recipe, which gives all our whiskies a unique smoothness and rich honeyed sweetness.

Can you send me details about how to visit the Old BUSHMILLS Distillery?

To book a tour or to learn more click here

Are your tours in other languages?

The majority of our tours are conducted in English. We host language tours only for large booked groups. The general public can join these groups if they speak the language that the tour is being conducted in. We cannot guarantee individuals a language tour.

To help non English speaking visitors we have printed brochures in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

How should I drink BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey?

It’s really up to you. We only recommend that you drink it the way you prefer. Some people enjoy it straight, with ice or with water. Others prefer it with a mixer, such as ginger ale or cola. I love it most in the company of good friends. But let’s ask Colum, our Master Distiller…

“Hi folks, Colum here. Now, in my opinion, maybe the best way to approach this and get a full picture of our whiskey is to pour a measure of BUSHMILLS in a short, open tumbler. Try a small sip of it neat to start with – it’s far better to take a tiny sip and let the whiskey sit and develop in your mouth for a few seconds than to take more whiskey and drink it too quickly. It’s a nice way to get to know its flavour and you’ll discover that our whiskey does not burn or bite.

“Then, try it with a drop or two of water, and with an ice cube. You’ll notice that water opens up the flavours of the whiskey. And it tends to make the whiskey taste sweeter. On the nose, it really opens the whiskey and reveals its subtler aromas. Ice, as you would expect, makes our whiskey taste more refreshing.

“Finally, try mixing BUSHMILLS with some classic mixers like cola or ginger ale. These are great drinks, and because of the character of BUSHMILLS, you will still be able to taste the whiskey in them.”

Thanks Colum. If that hasn’t already whet your palate you can try and compare the rest of the BUSHMILLS family like BLACK BUSH and our BUSHMILLS single malts. The only thing we don’t recommend is mixing the older Malt variants with sodas or ice. Instead, try a little water. And remember, enjoy BUSHMILLS responsibly, it really is the best way.

I have an old bottle of BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey, how much is it worth?

Please contact McTears Auctioneers ([email protected]) who can provide a valuation for a fee, or search the archived catalogues on the McTears website www.mctears.co.uk to see what similar bottles have been sold for in the past.

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